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Serie B (B and B2S)
Bearing weight < 45 kg (99 lbs)

WinBiz automated imaging system with a PC-controlled turntable and perfect lightbox (B)

Suit for small and medium products below:
Household products, footwear, craft gifts, toys, electronics, medical equipment etc.
WinBiz 3D Automated Imaging System + LightBox (B2S)
WinBiz 3D Automated Imaging System + Turntable (B)
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Best innovation for photography

This is the first all-in-one 360-degree product photography intelligent equipment in China, which includes automated 3D imaging software and hardware (Smart and portable studio). You only need to be equipped with a camera and a computer, the software will automatically control the camera 360 degrees to shoot sampling. And it will only take three steps to synthesize gif, swf, avi, html5 and other formats for products animations.

A super device that can replace photographers and studios

This computer-controlled product photographic studio shoots still images and 360-degree product views with pure white backgrounds. Featuring flexible LED lights, a built in motorized transparent turntable, a compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera and image creation software the entire photography workflow can be simplified and streamlined. Anyone can use this device to create professional results, no professional skills needed.

It boosts your business / career fast and easily

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WinBiz always keeps things simple!

Just a few clicks and you can take nice pictures and 360 degree animations. Everything can be finished in 4 minutes!

How WinBiz works?

System automatically controls the camera,

System automatically controls the turntable,

The result is 360 degree animations in swf, gif, avi, html or jpg format.
See how it works in detail >>

Product photography automation

It only takes 3 steps to achieve a 360 degree animation. In 4 minutes!
See how it works >>

It's more powerful than you think.

Pure White Background Still Product Photography

Simply place a product inside, compose the picture while previewing in real time on the monitor, pre-crop, and then click Snap. The image is automatically downloaded and displayed on the monitor screen within 2 seconds for viewing and processing. Batch processing available for multiple images.

Pure White Background Still Product Photography

Simply place a product inside, compose the picture while previewing in real time on the monitor, pre-crop, and then click Snap. The image is automatically downloaded and displayed on the monitor screen within 2 seconds for viewing and processing. Batch processing available for multiple images.

Pure White Background Sequence Photography

Use the studio, turntable, multiple cameras and the Custom Define features to automatically create custom sequences
of still photos. For example, use the system to automatically take 7 pictures of an item from the sides and top.
Once the sequence is created, it can be re-used.

In the same way, users can change the background to different colors according to your needs.

Portable studio - good for most small products

Type A and A1S bundle are light, you can take them everywhere you want and take pictures for most small products. Like jewelries, watches, glasses, digital products, shoes, bags, etc. As long as the product is≤15kg, you can easily make the animation with current device.

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WinBiz gives multiple Formats for animation.

The animation made by WinBiz is in SWF, GIF, AVI, HTML5, JPG
and supported by all popular systems like Windows, IOS, Android etc.

WinBiz is supported by
most popular SLR cameras

Most camera models are supported. For details please contact customer service

Most camera models are supported. For details please contact customer service

WinBiz packs well and for international shipping

We use the first-class air freight service, you will be in the shortest possible time to receive your goods and put into use.

The security and stability of our packaging, can withstand the pressure to 300kg, most accidents occurred in dealing with international logistics, ensure that your goods safety integrity at.


Various benefits are listed below and there are more.

  • Take pictures and 360 product images with pure white backgrounds - No editing or background removal necessary
  • Computer-controlled photography automates image capture and processing
  • Built-in transparent photography turntable (holds up to 15kg (33 lbs).)
  • Dimmable LED lighting (daylight) from front, rear, bottom and back
  • High color rendering LED lamps
  • Create 360 product animations in HTML5, SWF, AVI, GIF formats
  • Synchronized picture taking and turntable movement
  • One-click image capture, batch saving & stitching
  • Easy Panorama (included) for creating 360 product views with deep zoom and image tagging capabilities
  • Large real-time preview (See everything before you take it)
  • Full camera control via software for compatible Canon and Nikon SLR cameras
  • 360 image capture by cable release for all capable cameras - custom cord required (Equipped with yourself)
  • Two cable release shooting modes – Fixed Angle 360 and 360 Continuous
  • Add interactive Hot Spots on 360° product views in HTML5
  • Capture between 4 and 120 images per rotation
  • Confirm and Retake feature
  • Top and side shot capability
  • Achieve maximum consistently between shots with AfterImage
  • Magnifier feature for viewing still and 360 product images up close
  • Flexible hardware design for shooting inside an enclosed studio or on an open bottom lit photo bench
  • Extra diffusion materials (included) eliminate and control reflections and hot spots
  • Turntable calibration utility ensures accurate angular positioning over time
  • Wizard 360 Mode makes it simple for anyone to create 360 product images
  • Advanced 360 Mode utilizes previous settings to create the next animation - maximum throughput
  • Multiple Camera Control - Control several Canon cameras simultaneously to enhance productivity
  • Custom Define and save image capture sequences utilizing multiple cameras & batch saving
  • Advanced Saving Mode – Use preset Profiles to save images in multiple sizes & formats with one-click
  • Place studio on floor or desktop. Wheels assist movement. Use legs to level the system in place
  • Long 30,000 hour lamp life - System also comes with 2 extra lamps
  • Excellent craftsmanship, free technical support, free software upgrades and one-year warranty


Software and Turntable

Compatible Cameras Most Canon and Nikon cameras are compatible with this product.
See the list above >>
System Components • Built-in turntable and transparent platform
• System Installation CD with Control Software and User Guide
• Easy Panorama – 360° Image Authoring Software
• Accessories: Power cable, USB cable
  Max. Bearing Weight 45 (kg)
Software Requirements OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
(Administrator Account for all Windows OS)
CPU: Pentium 4 running 2GHz or higher
RAM: Min. 2GB
VGA: Min. 1024 x 768, True color
Min. 2 USB Ports, CD ROM drive


Dimensions (L x W x H) 130*125*30 (cm)
Maximum Target Size 45 (kg)
Accessories 4 26" LED lamps, Reflective wall cover, Removable adhesive, Installation and Operation Guides, Self-adhesive arrows and 2 Camera mount sponges.


WinBiz brings your products to LIFE online.

Below product presentations were all made with WinBiz 3D auto-imaging system easily, most of them can be made in 4 minutes,
and some creative presentations will only take a few minutes more and be more different and eye-catching.
View more samples >>


I bought it for my company and use it for work. This is our first device to replace the work of two photographers. It has been an easier transition than I thought. Easy to setup and use. I especially like the ability to generate flash and gif directly. I fully recommend this!!!
Cost performance Features Customer support
Sep 11, 2014 fdi***@yahoo.com
The price looks a little expensive but when I received the whole set of things, I think that's totally worth it! It can replace a person's work in my company, it helps me save money. :)
Cost performance Features Customer support
Aug 17, 2014 Jon***@gmail.com
WinBinz online support rocks! I have some questions at midnight and I tried to start the online chat with their customer service, Judy was so sweet and patient and she answered all of my questions in detail and I am now using Bundle B without any question.
Cost performance Features Customer support
Jul 13, 2014 dcr***@socal.rr.com
I didn't know how to set it up at the first beginning, when I called the customer service of WinBiz and a nice lady patiently assisted me during the whole process. It just took me 15 minutes to set up everything and started using it! Well, I am glad I bought it, it's really perfect for my business. :)
Cost performance Features Customer support
Jun 14, 2014 rjm***@gmail.com
I love the system. It works well and fast,WinBiz customer service is super great.
Cost performance Features Customer support
Jun 08, 2014 ree***@hotmail.com


1. What is 360-degree Auto-imaging System?

WinBiz 360-degree Auto-imaging System is a set of display equipment, it contains software and hardware. Users just need to put the products into the photo studio, then a 360-degree animation will be ready within 4 minutes. The animation can be uploaded to the website easily in different formats.

2. What are the features of 360-degree Auto-imaging System?

● Saving time
It only takes 4 minutes to finish a 360-degree animation. There are 3 steps: display the products-click the camera-save it.
● Saving money
You don't need a professional photographer, everyone can do it. It saveS the money which wasted on the photographer and it's easier and cheaper than the traditional procedure.
● Saving efforts
The complete automation is only a simple operation, it can be operated by one person.

3. Compared with the traditional picture show, what is the special features of 360-degree animation?

● Convenient
We can see the 360-degree display of the product everywhere over PC or smart phone per our convenience.
● Real
Customers can experience truth product with every angle and detail, to enhance the user experience, so that customers feel products much more reliable.
● Novel
Break the traditional graphic display, a unique 360-degree animation will leave deep impression to the customer. comprehensively promotes enterprise image and product image.
● Safe
Virtual animation, no need to worry about physical damage to the product.

4. Can everyone use 360-degree Auto-imaging System if he/she doesn't know photography?

360-degree Auto-imaging System is designed for all people and everyone can use it easily. The software comes with Live-View function, every user can grasp a definition and brightness about the product easily. And WinBiz offers one on one customer support to ensure our customers can operate the equipment well, you can completely take it easy and just contact us if you are in need of assistance.

5. Is there any requirement for the volume of shooting object?

The system only limits the product weight, the volume is mainly related to the size of shooting setting.

6. What kind of cameras does automatic 360-degree-imaging system support?

Generally you can use all kinds of cameras, because the software can control the turntable alone, then you can manually shooting images and making animations. However, if you want the software full automatic control the camera , you must use Canon EOS or POWERSHOT camera. You can learn more by reading our adaptable camera list.

7. What is the animation's format ?

There are three formats, including SWF, GIF, AVI, HTML and the software also can separate extraction JPG single pictures. According to your needs, you can choose different format of animation application on the network.

8. Does the 360-degree animation user need to install special plugin?

No, our system just requires the users to have a SWF player in the computer. As we know, 96% of PCs already install the software SWF, so you don't have to worry about the functions of our system, it will work well in your computer or laptop too.

9. Is your product free shipping to my country?

Sorry, the price we listed online is only for the whole bundle of software and hardware, you are supposed to take care of the shipping fee yourself if you can't fetch the product yourself. We can send the product according to the shipping method you require and you take care of the shipping fee yourself.

10. How to purchase a 360-degree Auto-imaging System?

Thanks for your interest of our products. If you have any question before you place an order, please contact us now to discuss further;
If you are ready to place an order, you can simply add the bundle you want to order into the shopping cart and proceed to place an order online.

Device for every business

Serie A and A1S

Jewelry, watches, gifts, electronics, shoes, glasses, skin care products, small accessories etc.
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Serie B and B2S

Household products, footwear, craft gifts, toys, electronics, medical equipment etc.
View More >>

Serie C

Clothing, Models, furnitures, household products, electrics etc.
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Serie D

Chandeliers, pendants, plants, upside down products etc.
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