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WinBiz - 8 Years of Photography Automation, Innovation and Production

Founded in 2008 on the concept of better product photography, WinBiz Technology has led the innovation and design of integrated remote capture solutions for the workplace. Through continuous effort in product design and software development, WinBiz has risen to become the industry leader in automated 360 degree product imaging solutions.
WinBiz Factory
WinBiz Workshop
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Headquartered in Tianhe, Guangzhou, China, WinBiz conducts its own engineering, manufacturing and design operations. WinBiz also operates a sales and marketing subsidiary located at the beautiful eCommerce Creation Base in Panyu, Guangzhou, China. It has established distribution in over 100 counties worldwide. By committing resources to quality, innovation and photography workflow improvement, WinBiz is able to maintain consistent growth and its industry-leading position.
WinBiz Office
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WinBiz Auto-Imaging System is promoted at home and abroad since it has launched to the market, it always gets attention of the society, reported by kinds of media interviews.
WinBiz's patented photography automation solutions are used globally for multiple business applications. Current customers include thousands of large, medium and small size business in a variety of industries.

WinBiz Cooperates with International Commercial Fairs.

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April, 2014. Hongkong Electronics Exhibition

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May, 2013. International cultural industry expo fair in Shenzhen

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April, 2013. Hongkong Electronics Exhibition

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July 2012, Shoes Show in Qingdao

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April, 2012. Hongkong Electronics Exhibition

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April 2012, Toys Show in Guangzhou

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March 2012, Outdoor Retailer Show in Guangzhou

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October 2011, Yiwu Sourcing Fair

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April 2011, Shoes Show in Dongguan

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March 2011, Shoes Fair in Guangzhou

WinBiz Timeline

It shows how WinBiz improved and developed the technology on product photography.
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WinBiz Established

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The first WinBiz 3D auto-imaging system launched.

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The second generation launched.

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The third generation launched.

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WinBiz international customer service center established.

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The fourth generation launched

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WinBiz Free Experience Center Established.

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