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Make 360° Views in 4 Minutes

You can easily make it even though you know nothing about photography, Photoshop or programming.

WinBiz 360 degree turntable

Stable and accurate automatic turntable, controlled by remote system,, ensuring the display fluency.

WinBiz Lighbox

Near-perfect lighting conditions, save your time and efforts on the lighting arrangement.

WinBiz 3D
auto-imaging system

It took about 8 years for our skilled technology team to invent and optimize the automated imaging system. It automatically captures, and outputs different formats like jpg, SWF, GIF, AVI, HTML makes your products more eye-catching!

Post products

Put the subject in the middle of the turntable of the lightbox. With our auto-imaging system, the first thing you are supposed to do is to put the subject into the lightbox, and then adjust the camera's composition. In a few minutes, you will get the 360° views. And the output formats can be GIF, SWF, AVI, HTML, JPG etc.

Easily take care of camera settings with a few clicks.

Shutter TV

The larger the shutter TV value of camera, the faster the shutter, whereas the slower. For example 125 > 60.

Aperture AV

The larger the aperture AV value of camera, the smaller the aperture, whereas the bigger. For example 50 > 12.

White Balance

You can try different value and get the perfect result according to different subjects.


Increase the sensitivity value in the case of underexposure to brighten subjects (Caution! High sensitivity tends to variegate product images.)

Adjust the focus point

You can zoom 5x or 10x to adjust the focus point and try to get clearer view.

Capture images

Adjusting the exposure and the composition, then you can let our auto-imaging system to finish the picture capturing work for you. Now you can relax and enjoy your coffee and music. In the following 2-3 minutes, your pictures will be finished and you will be notified.


The camera will capture one picture and let you double check if everything is all right.

Set the number of captures

You can customize the number of captures from 8-100 and this can usually satisfy your different needs.


WinBiz auto-imaging system will start working without supervision. You can just relax and enjoy your time of leisure, and all nice pictures will be ready in 2-3 minutes.

WinBiz auto-imaging system controls the turntable and makes it turn automatically, the camera is controlled by the system and captures every view of the responding angel. The turntable turns 360 degree and the camera finishes the specific captures.

Files output

The captures have been finished easily! But WinBiz will still surprise you by the powerful output. With WinBiz auto-imaging system, you can easily export the live formats like GIF, SWF, AVI, HTML and apply them anywhere you want.


Be creative with WinBiz

Not all the spins have to look the same with WinBiz. You can add some of your imaginations and creations into the process and make your unique animations with WinBiz. Creative animations will get more attentions from your clients and visitors.

In the capture process with WinBiz auto-imaging system, you can use the button PAUSE and adjust the subjects to different looks so that the features of the subjects can be captured. This will help you make attractive animations and your potential customers will usually make a purchase decision.

Here is the PAUSE button

You can adjust the subject and start capturing again by click START SHOOT.

Here are some good examples from WinBiz customers, hopefully they can expire you to make more creative animations by using WinBiz auto-imaging system.


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