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WinBiz brings your products to LIFE online.

This is just one of WinBiz features.
WinBiz is a complete set of software and hardware to help your products really stand out and be noticed.

We make an attractive 360º view like a piece of cake.

Don't take our word for it. See what WinBiz Automatic 3D-Imaging System can do for you.

WinBiz always keeps things simple!

Just a few clicks and you can take nice pictures and 360º views. Everything can be finished within 4 minutes!

How WinBiz works?

System automatically controls the camera,

System automatically controls the turntable,

The results are 360º views in HTML5, SWF, GIF, MP4 and AVI format. JPG pictures are also automatically saved in the computer.
See how it works in detail >>

10 years, WinBiz focuses on 1 thing
and keeps improving it.

It shows how WinBiz improved and developed the technology on product photography.
Slide 1


WinBiz Established

Slide 2


The first WinBiz 3D auto-imaging system launched.

Slide 3


The second generation launched.

Slide 4


The third generation launched.

Slide 5


WinBiz international customer service center established.

Slide 6


The fourth generation launched

Slide 7


WinBiz Free Experience Center Established.

WinBiz eases your work.

Work should be so easy and joyful. With WinBiz's assistance, we don't need to act like a workaholic. Just slow down and take it easy, WinBiz will help you with most of the work automatically.

WinBiz speeds up your work efficiency

Let's compare 2 ways to make the
presentation of a smart phone

Usually it takes…

15 minutes to set up

15 minutes to take 24 pictures

2 hours to edit pictures and get result

With WinBiz it takes…

1 minute to set up

2 minutes to take 24 pictures

1 minute to generate all results.

185 minutes VS 4 minutes
WinBiz is 47 times faster !

saves your money

Lights, camera lens, hiring photographer and editor, this could be much money for a product presentation, and the cost may be raised by a lot of unstable reasons. With WinBiz, you just spend a little money and get a sleepless photography robot. It never sleeps and serves when you need it.

See, you save BIG by using WinBiz.

No matter how small or how big your products are, WinBiz is the
total photographic solutions you want.

See available bundles >>

How do you let your products do the talking?

Below product presentations were all made with WinBiz Automatic 3D-Imaging System easily, most of them can be made within 4 minutes, and some creative presentations will only take a few minutes more and be more different and eye-catching.

See more samples >>

WinBiz is inventor AND manufacturer AND seller.

You can enjoy the best price at WinBiz – buy derectly and save.

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